Dr. Ayman Kandeel

Professor Ayman Kandeel is the CEO of Fanarah Development, LLC. In the business world, Ayman is most renowned for his expertise in economics and entrepreneurship.

About Me

As the founder and CEO of Cairo-based investment bank Borak Capital Holding, Dr. Ayman Kandeel orchestrated and oversaw the $680 million sales of AK for Real Estate Marketing and Development (AKREM). There were more than 300 percent returns for most of the investors in AKREM after this deal.

Fanarah Coast, Egypt's first attempt to create an integrated destination along the Mediterranean seafront, was unveiled in 2015 by Fanarah Developments, LLC, led by Dr. Kandeel. At its current size, the project has become the largest Mediterranean-front development of its kind anywhere on the whole Mediterranean Sea coast.

Many of Dr. Kandeel's financial enterprises, such as Borak Capital Holding, Arab African International Securities, and Pi Capital, Inc. were formed or co-managed by him between 1999 and 2009. There are a number of companies that he has worked with that have raised large amounts of money.

It was Dr. Kandeel, in 2001, who established the well-known and widely distributed AK Comics, a publisher of comic books in a wide range of languages (including but not limited to Arabic, Greek, and Chinese). AK Comics imagined a peaceful Middle East in the future, so they produced a Muslim, a Jewish, and a Christian superhero/superheroine each. Their entire world revolves around the idea of defending an imaginary Middle Eastern parallel against plots that want to destabilize an alleged future peace in the region. For this reason, he was introduced to many well-known politicians and many of them are still in his close network of connections.

Dr. Kandeel is enamored with the advertising business. Conceived Bonus Advertising in 1995 and sold the firm to JWT in 1997. Currently, JWT Cairo is Egypt's most prominent advertising firm. One of Egypt's most prominent advertising companies, Advision, has a large stake in his company.

With a Ph.D. in emerging financial markets from USC, an MA in economics from the American University in Cairo, and an MA from the University of Southern California, Dr. Kandeel has a strong academic record. As an instructor at Cairo University, he taught from 2003 to 2009. Furthermore, he taught at the University of Southern California and California State University Long Beach. Dr. Kandeel retired from the academic field in April of 2011 in order to concentrate on his companies in the United States and Egypt.

Dr. Kandeel currently serves on the boards of several organizations, including the Arab African International Securities, The Space SaMo, Pacific Agencies and Contractors Corporation, Al Forsan Holding, and Borak Capital